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Saint Louis Poetry Slam's Journal
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Tuesday, August 10th, 2010
7:31 pm
Pre-Celebration RIGHT TO VOTE Rally Events

** Right to Vote Poetry Slam **
Aug. 13th -”I Am Woman” Poetry Slam
7:00 p.m.- 9:00 p.m.
Poetry Registration & questions please contact
Amy Hunter ahunter@ywcastlouis.org


** Women's Equity Day Rally: WEAR All-White Attire and Hat **
Thursday, Aug. 26, 2010
4:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.


1. Anna Eleanor Roosevelt
Granddaughter of Eleanor Roosevelt, First Lady
Champion of Human Rights
VP, Global Corporate Citizenship, The Boeing Company

2. East St. Louis Sr. High Jazz Quartet

3. Voter Registration

Both events to be held at the:
Phyllis Wheatley Heritage Center
2711 Locust, (Midtown)
St. Louis, MO  63103

Space is limited for these two events; so you must RSVP to attend.
Call 314/531-1115 for the SLAM or the Equity Day Rally.
7:19 pm
Right to Vote
Pre-Celebration Rally Events

Phyllis Wheatley Heritage Center
2711 Locust St.
St. Louis, MO  63103

** Poetry Slam **
Aug. 13th -”I Am Woman” Poetry Slam
7:00 p.m.- 9:00 p.m.
Poetry Registration & questions please contact
Amy Hunter ahunter@ywcastlouis.org

** Women's Equity Day Rally: All-White Attire and Hat **

Phyllis Wheatley Heritage Center
2711 Locust, (Midtown)
St. Louis, MO  63103

Thursday, Aug. 26, 2010
4:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.


Anna Eleanor Roosevelt
Granddaughter of Eleanor Roosevelt, First Lady
Champion of Human Rights
VP, Global Corporate Citizenship, The Boeing Company

East St. Louis Sr. High Jazz Quartet

Voter Registration

Space is limited; so you must RSVP to attend.
Call 314/531-1115 for the SLAM or the Equity Day Rally.
Sunday, August 8th, 2010
9:45 am
St. Louis Projects Poetry Collection
GOOD NEWS and a poetry deadline:

SLAM poet Nickey Rainey to edit a collection of poetry, prose & artwork by and about St. Louis, a celebration, a case-study, a love letter to the city. She will be working with Erin Wiles, JKPublishing, and their St. Louis Projects division. A portion of the proceeds will go to Operation Brightside, and everyone participating with their creative submissions will receive a copy of the book. The deadline for submissions is August 15, 2010.

Erin Wiles shares: "This will likely be a one-time collection, unless it is super fruitful, then mayhaps we will do it again next year. The idea of the collection is to celebrate St. Louis for all its assets and aspects, but not blindly or in bias. While this would not be a good place for your "Fuck St. Louis" rant, nor would it be ideal for trite odes. We are looking for the complex and the gritty, that which captures the ironic trash-ful beauty of this landscape. There are no length or format requirements, only that it be reproducable in a smallish 2D format. We hope to debut this collection with a reading at a St. Louis landmark (the Arch grounds perhaps?) sometime in September or October."

For more information, visit: www.JKPublishing.org or www.saintlouisprojects.org

Also, you can visit the WORDwitch blog section of InCityNews.com for a write up of one of JKPublishing's latest St. Louis Projects, THE BUSH YEARS, a collection of poetry by WORD in Motion Warrior Poet Michael Castro, edited by Erin Wiles.

peace, love, poetry, harmony, & joy,
Maria Guadalupe Massey
Tuesday, November 17th, 2009
2:37 pm
2009 Warrior Poet -- Uncle Bill Green of the Venice Cafe!

For information contact Michael O’Brian at 314.443.4357
or email thewordengine@yahoo.com

Word In Motion is honored to announce that Uncle Bill Green will be the 2009 recipient of the Warrior Poet Award at a banquet and performance at Duff’s Restaurant, Monday, December 14, 2009, 6pm dinner, 7pm show.

Uncle Bill Green has been a mainstay in the St. Louis Literary Scene since the early 1980s. He has been an affiliate to the Black Artists Group (BAG), was one of the original members of the Soulard Culture Squad ultimately published in “The Streets of St. Louis.” Known as the “World’s Most Dangerous Poet,” his meeting and ongoing relationship with Chicago’s Marc Smith led to the beginnings of the St. Louis Poetry Slam and its continued involvement in the National Poetry Slam.

The Warrior Poet Award is St. Louis’ most prestigious poetry award given to poets who have made a lifetime contribution to the St. Louis Literary Scene. The winner of the award is selected by the Warrior Poet Council (all of which are previous winners of the award) and involves the presentation of an inscribed sword to the annual recipient.

Previous Winners of the Warrior Poet Award are:

Hari “Sky” Campbell, Curtis Lyle, Michael Castro, Shirley LeFlore, Eugene Redmond, Dahveed Nelson, Maria Guadalupe Massey, and Michael O’Brian.

The cost of the banquet and show is $30, and a vegan option is available for dinner. Tickets can be purchased in advance by contacting Michael O’Brian at 314.443.4357 or by email at thewordengine@yahoo.com.

Word In Motion is a non profit 501/C3 organization which provides logistical support to artistic activities that foster the cultural growth of the St. Louis Region.

Promotional pictures are available for release by contacting Michael O’Brian at the information listed above.
Sunday, June 14th, 2009
6:46 pm
A Soulful Celebration -- EARTHfest 2009
Summer Solstice @Soulard

Surrounded by the miracle of LOVE & celebrating EARTHfest this Saturday. Soulard EarthFEST 2009 celebrates summer Solstice, featuring:

RAW EARTH, Mama Blue, Collette Beatty, M.K.Stallings, Nicky Rainey & more, GUADALUPE SOUNDS with special guests "Uncle Bill of the Venice Cafe: the World's Most Dangerous Poet" and RAVENWOLF C.FELTON JENNINGS II, Boulevard Beer, Kaldi's Coffee, Art, Drumming, Dancing, Food, Miller, ROOTS, RHYTHM, & RECYCLING.

Monday, May 11th, 2009
6:56 pm
Tuesday, April 28th, 2009
9:36 am
InCityNews & the WORDwitch
Greetings SLAM journal community.

I hope you'll visit the InCityNews.com site this week and check out our SLAM community poets featured there. A few weeks ago we had a front page article about Mama Blue's latest endeavors & successes and also CELIA's Big Rock Band. This week the WORDwitch's top article features the InCityNews.com premiere of Floyd Boykins Jr.'s award winning poem "A Shoulder to Lean on" and a quick interview with this up and coming creative artist and director.

I also include an article about WORDinMotion's Warrior Poet K. Curtis Lisle iii who performed recently at the Schlafly St. Louis Brewery and Taproom with Zimbabwe Nkenye and David A.N. Jackson. It was a fabulous Get Born Event. Brett Underwood/Zed Naught, Wayne Robinson was there, Michael Castro, Adelia Parker Castro, The Box Deserter Trio from Detroit, and many many others. It was a great crowd of people and a superb urban setting with fantastic sound. An extraordinary New Moon event.

Below, a photo of the WORDwitch and Horus K. Curtis Lisle iii at the St. Louis Brewery & Taproom, April 4, 2009. (photo by Colette Monahan).

I hope you all will please register with InCityNews.com and connect/friend the WORDwitch. We're celebrating 100,000 hits per month for three months running, and yesterday we reached 140,000 hits for the month of April.

If you visit the CINCO DE MAYO fiesta on Cherokee Street look for the WORDwitch in the Parade of Alegria, I'll be the Chicana madre/curandera de palabras; feel free to share a hug with the WORDwitch. And don't forget to check out the Vecindario de Artists near FireCracker Press.

love, peace, & poetry
Maria Guadalupe Massey

p.s. I hope you all will add your voices to the SLAMjournal and celebrate our fabulous East & West St. Louis Metro Area artists and events. We are an extraordinary community of inspired people. Let us all know what you're up to, your blessings, publications, awards, invitationals, grants, appointments, projects. It's all about poetry!

Current Mood: excited
Monday, April 20th, 2009
8:09 pm
Guadalupe Sounds performs at CAVELand - 2009
Daddy Sang the Blues with master percussionist Wayne Robinson and Warrior Poet Maria Guadalupe Massey a.k.a. chingasdaughter, the WORDwitch, and a Missouri Folk Artist, after midnights deep under Ozark Mountain bluffs, stones of the ages, March 2009

An amazing drum solo from master percussionist and musical director for Guadalupe Sounds, Wayne Robinson

Guadalupe Sounds performs CHINGASdaughter at CaveLand 2009

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008
8:10 pm
Meditando en el espiritu del amor
Warrior Poet Maria Guadalupe prays for abundance and prosperity in all its wondrous forms for the SLAM journal community, mientras medita en el espiritu del amor

witch of words

plus a new poem written for salsa dancing and dedicado al padre de Victoria:

a lover's prayer

lo que pasa es que te quiero tanto
que cada vez que respiro, sospiro tu nombre
en una oracion rogando a los espiritus
que me traen a tu cuerpo vivo

te extrano tanto mi amor
que cada noche te busco en mis suenos
te llamo mi amor,
te busco mi amor,
te sospiro
en una oracion rogando a los espiritus
que me traen a tu cuerpo vivo

quiero oir el latir de tu corazon
me hace falta la musica de ti
eres un llama que calenta mi piel
y se me hace lleno de ti
cada vez que sospiro tu nombre
hago una oracion por ti
esperando que estes bien de salud
cuidando todo pa cuando ves a mi

lo que pasa es que te quiero tanto
que cada vez que respiro, sospiro tu nombre
en una oracion rogando a los espiritus
que me traen a tu cuerpo vivo

Current Mood: joyful
Friday, October 31st, 2008
9:46 pm
Day of the Dead Benefit for Leonard Peltier & WORD in Motion: TODAY November 1st
Dia de los Muertos celebration at Saint Louis' Premier Punk Rock Club
the CREEPY CRAWL to benefit Leonard Peltier Legal Defense Fund and
WORD in Motion inner city school poetry workshops, Saturday, November
1, 2008
from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM (new time), 3524 Washington Avenue in the
Grand Center
District. Tickets are $10 to $4 (sliding scale).

Sign language translating included at performance with Elizabeth Ann

Confluence writer, activist, and storyteller digger will celebrate
the spirits of the phantasm hour and be our tour guide through this
spectral event. Patrons are welcome to come as skeletons and/or bring
photos of heroes/loved ones they would like to hold up as Guadalupe
sounds performs a roll call of the dead; they can join in the Death
March conga line and dance.

The roll call of the dead will sound the names of such worthies as
Alvina Robideaux (Leonard Peltier's mother), Crazy Horse, Geronimo,
Gwendolyn Brooks, Josephine Baker, Gregory Hines, Benito Juarez,
Cesar Chavez, Malcolm X, Huitzilopochtli, Coatlicue, Dred Scott,
Pablo Neruda, Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, James Baldwin, Maurice Malik
King, Chris Crisa Branch, Confucius, Buddha, la virgen de Guadalupe,
Ixquic, and others.

Skeleton face painting done live by artists Craig Downs, Wayne St.
Wayne, and CBabi Bayoc for a desfilo de la muerte, parade of the dead.

Performers will include: musician Tom Taylor, Warrior Poet Hari Sky
Campbel, poetics diva Alima Sadaq Afsal of the East Saint Louis
Culture Squad, digger, RAVEN WOLF C. FELTON JENNINGS II (saxophone,
flute, and Native American drumming), Ralph Williams Jazz vocalist,
the one man riot Paul Stewart with Latin Blues guitarist Peter Wood,
Mark Triller (a.k.a. the blue guy), Craig Downs, and Guadalupe Sounds
featuring Chingas Daughter Maria Guadalupe Massey.

Current Mood: artistic
Friday, May 18th, 2007
1:12 am
Channel Wraith Presents: Slamming for Human Rights

Twenty seven minutes of political poetic fury! 

Channel Wraith: Looking like a broke-ass Def Poetry!
Thursday, May 3rd, 2007
7:53 am
Note to fellow poets and slammers

How many of you are familiar with Wikipedia - the online encyclopedia anyone can edit.  Of course, any entry there they consider 'not notable' enough is deleted.  Which is understandable since it's an international audience.

However, there is a local St. Louis Wiki - on St. Louis people, places, things.  And we are all notable in St. Louis.  Dam right we are!  No exceptions.  (And the person who created the local wiki doesn't care about notability anyway)

Here's the entry I've created so far for the Poetry Slam.  It needs help from those who were involved with the slam before me, and actually remember the Venice Cafe slam, and those who are currently involved.  Add your name to the page, enclose it in double brackets like so: [[Your Name]].  Click on the red link that is generated, and create your own page, and tell St. Louis about who you are.

Sure, not a lot of people know about it yet, but the more information there is there, the more people will look at it.  There are currently a lot of local bands who have information there.  So it's our chance to pimp ourselves.

Thursday, March 15th, 2007
5:43 pm
Next Poetry Slam Wednesday March 21
The Grand Slam will be May 30 at the Focal Point. You must have achieved at least a 3rd place rank to qualify for this competition where the St. Louis Slam Poetry Team will be chosen. NPS is in Austin this year. If you want to win that trip, you have Mar 21, April 18, and May 16 to qualify. Shows have been starting promptly at 9pm and are over at 11pm. If you haven't checked out the new theatre space, the sound system and the welcome feeling we receive from the local Maplewood merchants you should come out.

Because of last month's success with the reciting of Fahrenheit 451, Steet Beats is back showcasing the work of Walt Whitman. We'll be reading on the sidewalk in front of the Focal Point starting at 6pm. If you want to bring your favorite Whitman excerpt and read with us, c'mon down.

Congratulations last month's winners 1 Stephanie Williams, 2 Bobby Williams (no relation), 3 The Wordsmith.
Wednesday, December 6th, 2006
6:16 pm
AZTEC MAN Welcomes YOU & errata
Quickly, a few additions to the entry below:

I hope any of you reading will join us at Cummel's Cafe, 1627 Washington Avenue, Downtown Saint Louis, on the third Saturday of every month, coming up now, December 16th, from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM to Open Variety with us. Piano is available. Breakfast Brunch is from 9:00 AM to Noon and only $5.00. Sign up to the open mic is free.

StarLadyAstara Tarot readings available for a donation.

Paul Stewart, the one Man Riot, will be attending AZTEC MAN's December program, as will my daughters and baby Diego, and special guest REnaldo on piano in the early hours.

NOTE: at least one error below, Warrior Poet Horus K. Curtis Lisle referenced celebrated poet and interviewer Quincy Troupe and The Autobiography of Miles Davis. Quincy Troupe is the author of said biography, not Curtis.

Hopefully, this is the only error........... X O X O chingasdaughter

Current Mood: productive
3:29 pm
The Warrior Poets' Council
It began as many a lovely evening begins, slow and easy, gently building......... Word Wizard Mark Triller stopped by to let us know he'd be seeing us later that evening. Paul Stewart, the one man riot, pulled up in front of H(e)artford & Bent to pick us up for the festivities celebrating the elders of the Saint Louis Poetry community, and I was bringing some of the youngers, baby Diego and first borne daughter Stella. StarLadyAstara breezed in the door just in time to keep company with the daughter Joslyn.

Snow and ice lay thick on the ground in places from the first winter snow of this year; evening was beginning to wrap her arms around us as we boarded the One Man Riot's Charriot to the evening's celebration at the Regional Arts Commission Gallery in the Delmar Loop, cityside, just across the boulevard from the Pageant. We were early enough to help the volunteering Landry's staff with folding of napkins in the shape of cumberbunds. Producer Daniel DiMBy Brewer graciously manned the door.

Paul Stewart ushered the sounds into the evening, performing excerpts from his upcoming new c.d. release accompanied by bluesman bassist Cady, weaving in and through "Indian Summer" and other poems.

In between there was nursing of baby and coaxing shy Stella to be at her ease as many SLAM poets, friends of poets, and other celebrated Saint Louis writers arrived in various modes of glamour and festive.

Some of the stars in our heavens included: Desmond & Lady Lovely in silver sandals; Fresh Voice with greetings from Dahveed Nelson the father of RAP; Surreal Sistah speaking in tongues of surreal dreams; Seven gifted with the word; SLAM MASTER Kevin "Tong" McCameron; Peter Sparks (enthusiast and genuine supporter of the arts); poet and River Styx founder Michael Castro; photographer and sculptor Adelia Parker; painter Charlie Mooneyham with entourage of friends; word wizard Mark Triller; Mother Poetry -- Shirley LeFlore; the original Warrior Poet Horus K. Curtis Lisle, author of the Miles Davis biography and newest publication ELECTRIC CHURCH; Poet Laureate of East Saint Louis Eugene B. Redmond; Howard Schwartz, award winning writer and collector of Hebrew fairytales & fables; SLAM MASTER Hari Sky Campbell; Beth Ann photographer and portraitist; Sherman Fowler photographer and griot; Dr. Perdita Fischer supporter of the Langston Hughes World Black Poetry Festival and other arts; filmmaker and documentarian of the Saint Louis SLAM scene David Noble Dandridge; and our host and Master of Ceremonies, the wordengine, SLAM Master Michael O'Brien.

Seated at the table of honor were the Warrior Poets Council who shared their words of wisdom and harmony -- their word food was bread to a hungry soul, water to one finding her way out of the desert. Hari Sky approached the stage, a warrior magnificent, strumming thumb piano, notes spilling out in sound of brooks and birds, liquid syllables of sentient serenades. Hari painted in words a "Cousin Dorothy" who attends at every funeral, seated in a place of honor (though sadly no one comes to hers), then told us how "Warrior poets....dance by the full moon" and write words of honor that enlighten and strengthen us. As was his custom, he had his sword strapped on his back then unsheathed it to the light....., word warrior, dedicated, full of Spirit and fire.

Next up, was Horus K. Curtis Lisle, who enlightened us on the origin of the title "Warrior Poet". He told us of the Student NonViolent Coordinating Committee in Los Angeles hosting poetry on a day in 1968, and how upon listening to Curtis' word flow, Ronald Crook declared, "now, that's like listening to a warrior poet..."

Pencil warmed up now, baby sleeping, I was able to note more words for you SLAM reader (you should've been there).

The first of two poems, Curtis began to croon oh so softly then more vehemently, "It's Winter in America...and ain't nobody fighting cause nobody know's what to say...and all our healers have been killed or put away...save your soul, save your soul because it's winter in America...." Then in memory of a poet passed, Vincent Turrell, he delivered a traditional Blues prayer wishing him well, invoking his presence among us, called "Death Letter": "Well now I grabbed up my suitcase and I took up down the road and he was already on the cooling board....I said now Vincent...they really laid you out for the judgement day...I can't hear it so loud but I think I heard Vincent call my name...I heard it so nice & plain...hush..."

Michael Castro began by quoting Carl Berger when he said (& I hope I got it right): "...there are not mistakes, you follow your mistakes...." He told us, "...all I write is love poems..." He continued by recounting a list of poets and philosophers to dedicate his work to, including Arthur Flowers and Vincent Turrell, saying, "...there are many others I could name for the poet always signs his work but always collaborates..." He delivered beauty in measures, marking time in words "...let's lift up our hearts, they belong to those who lift them up..." then, "...this song whistles at the edge of the city....the poet stammers..." inspired, and burning bright.

Mother Poetry, Shirley LeFlore was regal in brown hat and long gray braids, crown of glory. She sang out a prayer of truth, pleading for aid from super powers (speaking my soul's longing, invoking the elders, the ancestors, the strength of our historymakers): "Give me my rivers...my sheroes, my heroes...the story of my song...so I can keep the fire burning....hush, hush, somebody's calling my name, oh my Lord what shall I do?...we bear witness...as we stand because you stood...We call your name, Mandela...Bishop Desmond Tutu...Harriet...Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X....we call your name..."

Secondly, she cried words of the dead & mourning, "Weeping knows no borders...blood knows no borders...we still be the dead, the mangled, the maimed, the innocent....BOom, BOom and BOOM...killing has no boraders....B0om and BOom...destroyed in a day, an hour,...they will never dance again and read and write poetry...weeping knows no borders, killing knows no border...where's Jesus, where's Allah....BOom....."

Our Master of Ceremonies, then, the wordengine, Michael O'Brien rose to the stage to introduce the two new inductees to the Warrior Poet Council. He spoke of being inspired to create a "Warrior poet council", how "if the pen is mightier than the sword, let us then arm our poets" with honor and present "them with swords...." He also told us that the Warrior Poet Council will appoint future inductees to join their rank. He called poet, FRESH Voice to the stage with Dr. Perdita Fischer to accept the award for celebrated member and founder of "The Last Poets", author/performer of the recorded collection "Redemption Song", Dahveed Nelson.

Fresh Voice, began with reverence, "I consider Dahveed a father" then read from his collected works, accompanied by Dr. Fischer: "Journeying to the source of life itself....our eyes entranced by a distant vision...as though borne on currents of time itself we move...and our flight heals...and the water that once was bitter becomes sweet..."

Lastly, the second inductee (one I personally consider a father spiritually & poetically, who on this night has called on me to deliver KWANSAbas, and I say "Yes, father. Lo hare, y con gusto.")the generous and warm-hearted Eugene B. Redmond, American Book Award Winner for EYES IN THE CEILING. Celebrated among dignitaries of the world (including the above named poets) and publisher of DRUMVOICES REVUE, appointed Poet Laureate of East Saint Louis Illinois (our twin soul on the Mississippi River), and founder of the SOULAR SYSTEM ENSEMBLE, he came forward.

Eugene credited Native American poet Carter Revard with teaching him the history of the English language. He named himself and Howard Schwartz sons of poet Donald Finkel (who accompanied a journey to Antartica). He gazed at all the people in the room, there to celebrate his and Dahveed Nelson's honors and named us "many warrior poets in the room...." He spoke of BAG, Black Writers' Group and the great work they created "from guerilla theater to all-night jam sessions.....the point from which creation began...riffing between riffs BAG grew...." He invoked the spirit of Katherine Dunham, peacemaker, diplomat, dancer, choreographer, named her with Coretta Scott King and Rosa Parks, as a woman of great dignity and strength. Reading kwansabas, he called upon us all to create our own Kwansabas songs, of seven lines, containing seven words each of seven letters. Invented in 1995 by the Eugene B. Redmond Writers Club, the current call is to write Kwansabas for Maya Angelou & Quincy Troupe.

Let me just say, lastly, the food was excellent. All thanks to the friends from Landry's who volunteered. Also, kudos to the chef.

There were many more people present, including the fabulous folks from Landry's whose names I failed to get. (I'll do better next time. Please forgive.) One more mention, I received regrets from other celebrated Saint Louisans who sent congratulations as well: Chris King (editor of the Saint Louis American and coordinator of Hoobellatoo & the Skuntry Museum); Larry Krone, performer & producer now living in New York; Holliday Simmons, SLAM poet also now in New York City; Brett Underwood, producer and host of The NO SHOW; Hakim Bellamy AZ HIZ self, SLAM poet; Wayne Robinson, Master Percussionist and writer; Michael Draga, dedicated photographer.

Thanks for letting me share.

......as my pen bleeds on stage for you and the flow begins to open up, sharing begets sharing begets flowering of ideas and words...begets love and peace and life......thanks be to the source of all, and thanks be for all seeds planted in my brain..... X O X O chingasdaughter/witch of words

Current Mood: fired up and blazing
Saturday, November 18th, 2006
2:28 am
Friends of St. Louis Poetry!

The St. Louis Poetry Slam is back and we are at the Focal Point 2720 Sutton in Maplewood every 3rd Wednesday of the month. This will be our last stop following a journey from one venue to another because this time we are renting the space. In the past, the slam has been entertaining and brought many new people to venues in the Delmar Loop, the Central West End and Grand Center, but again and again venue owners have had the same complaint: our people don't spend enough money. But now it doesn't matter, because we are the venue owners. Word In Motion is making a commitment to fund the space so the program can comfortably grow within a new environment, and this environment is the best we've ever had. Nice sound system, raised stage, theater lights plenty of open seating with drinks and food still available next door at the Maya Cafe. Come out Dec. 20 and check out the new space. Time is running out to qualify for the Indy Grand Slam, and we'll still be sending a poet to IWPS this February.

Thanks to your support, many great things are happening right now for Word In Motion and the St. Louis Poetry Slam. Sponsorships from the Maya Cafe and Boulevard are helping to supply spaces and marketing supplies we've needed for a long time. New gigs are being booked for our poet base and on Dec. 5 we will induct Eugene Redmond and Dahveed Nelson into the Warrior Poet Council. We are still your neighborhood poetry collective supporting the arts at the grassroots level. Our committee is discussing transportation issues for the A.W.C. (artist without car), and we are researching options to support you. Come by soon and check out what's new, or contact us through the various channels with feedback.
Wednesday, November 8th, 2006
10:05 pm
AZTEC MAN welcomes you
Just joining in the conversation today. I'm poet xMaria Guadalupe Massey, a.k.a. witch of words, Lucha Duarte, Mama Lupe, and Santa Maria.

It's been an amazing string of events, from AZTEC MANs Halloween Screams Day of the Dead costume contest, October 21st, at Cummel's Cafe (co-sponsored by the wordengine)Special guests included Shawn Golden singer/songwriter,the Celestial Theatre Company (Cosmo and Bill Kranz, grand prize winner), StarLady Astara Tarot, Jim Koerrber the "Sax Man", the Dave Loeb trio, Jeff Parks of the creepy crawl, artist extraordinaire Wayne St.Wayne, and a quick hello from celebrated surrealist Sandra Marchewa. October 25th marked one of many 20th anniversary celebrations of the Eugene B. Redmond Writers Club and welcomes all around at the Missouri Historical Society: from poets Alima Sadaq Afsal, Darlene Roy, Evon Udoh, Debra FoFeet Warren, Dahveed Nelson, Eugene himself, "Sunshine" Sylvester Lee, Adrienne Warrts, sound & light designer Daniel E. Butler. Michael Draga sensualist photographer attended and broke bread with me; sketched attendees.

Who am I? I'm just a nobody, or maybe a somebody addicted to words. I am also chingasdaughter; so if any of you received an invite from chingasdaughter on myspace; it's Maria Guadalupe Massey looking for community in the world of poet/performers.

A few more details, Wayne Robinson Shelton, partner, musical director, and percussionist in my life has been composing and recording with the one-man-riot Paul Stewart. And we were blessed to celebrate poetically at Belas Artes in St. Louis MO for Mexican Fiesta days and again on Nov. 5th for the Day of the Dead. Activist Minerva and Cileia were generous in a multitude of ways, including magnificent food: tamales (I ate 3), taquitos, fajitas, dulces Mexicanas family style.

My time in the desert is finally coming to an end (beginning with thewordengine's keeping me in the loop).

I could add a million more words, including slamming poetry at Forest Park for ARTROPOLIS, word exchanges with SEVEN, Surreal Sistah, Shirley LeFlore, Tong, DiMBy, CIRCuMCISION DrumSong, Elizabeth Vega, and (fed by Maya Cafe), late-night visits to the Upstairs Lounge with Tu, Mr. Tran, Dino, Wraith, visits to Babalu, brunch at Mangia Italiano, rides on MetroBusses, feet and legs ocean deep in the Florida atlantic, salsa dancing past midnight with an 85-year-old waltzing queen named Sarah and a 20-something named Desiree, soulful music by bellisima cellist Ranya Iqubal and Serendipity Strings (of the Grand & Wyoming Persia), and chance encounters with angels and fire eaters but enoughs enough, for now. Thanks for letting me share.........

Children call and hungry stomachs must be fed, voices heard. X O X O Maria Guadalupe

Current Mood: crazy
Wednesday, November 1st, 2006
12:23 am
Tuesday, September 19th, 2006
6:18 am
Friday, January 1st, 2010
1:32 am

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